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Hi, I’m Josh and I’m writing a book about blockchain for cooperatives and other organizations wanting to implement radical forms of democracy

In software, when people talk about decentralization, usually this refers to the resilience of a technical system to continue functioning without issue when a part of it has gone down or offline. In the blockchain community, decentralisation is an imperative, and new areas filled with centralisation should be explored and questioned. One of the largest sources of centralisation in most people’s lives is their “9 to 5” or the place people spend 40 or more hours per week. Worker-owned cooperatives are a proven form of resilient economic organization that tackles one of the roots of growing inequalities. This is why I am writing a book to help cooperatives and other organizations seeking to find radical solutions for workplace democracy through the use of platform coops and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) .

I am a Blockchain Solutions Architect based in Brussels and Paris researching and exploring novel economic models inspired by cooperatives through the use of decentralised technologies. Sign up above to receive updates in your inbox when the book gets closer to publication. The book will be published through Repeater Books based in the UK.

Decentralization at Work

One of the inspirations for the book is an article I wrote for dGen, a crypto think tank based in Berlin about how cooperatives offer user and worker decentralization and combined with blockchain through the formation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a perfect match.

“The advent of blockchain technology with Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper on Bitcoin during the peak of the Great Recession, brought a new realm of possibility for the question of decentralisation. While bitcoin asked:

‘How can we decentralise the prevailing monetary regime?’,

blockchain — the technology underpinning bitcoin — begs the question:

‘How can we decentralise even more aspects of our socio-economic lives?’ ”

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If you want to get in touch about the book, or you are representing a cooperative or DAO who is interested in some of my ideas, you can email me at joshua.a.davila [at]

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